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And documenting your family is everything to me

Family is everything to you

Your days may feel long and busy and hectic sometimes, but I know you see the little moments that matter and want to document them before they’re gone. But you want to be a part of these memories too, not stuck behind the camera taking all the pictures yourself.

motherhood is a journey

I will take care of all the details from start to finish and leave you with printed photos and albums that evoke emotions and memories while also leaving behind a visual legacy for your family.

As a mom to 3 energetic kids myself, I know firsthand how beautiful, tiring, and fleeting these times as a new mom can be. They say babies don't keep. And how I wish that wasn't true! I think that is why I love my job as a newborn and family photographer so much. I love helping moms like you be able to freeze a moment in time and create something tangible for you to hold and cherish as they grow. 

Nothing pulls at my heart like capturing the moments of motherhood

My goal is to support you in this season of life by giving you a carefully curated and complete luxury portrait experience

I started my journey with photography in 2012, but it was when I became a mother myself that I truly learned to appreciate the moments of motherhood and family and wanted to document those moments for others.

Motherhood is hard. But it is also beautiful, joyful, and a gift from God that deserves to be documented. I aim to be able to do that for mothers while delivering a curated and intentional experience in the process and providing them with a tangible legacy that can be passed down among their families for years to come.

I'm Valerie  

but you can call me val

Definitely by the water.  We love to boat and swim, so this would be a must! 

If I could live anywhere...

This guy. My husband of 12 years, Andrew. He's the most incredible father.  An expert cook, cyclist and my biggest encourager of my dreams. 



I love interior design, and love to dream up my next project. 



Meet Nicholas, Ava, and Benjamin. They are my most precious gifts in life and my inspiration every day.  

My kiddos


Amalfi Coast, Italy is absolutely breath-taking. I was there when I was just 16 and still dream of its beauty. I also love the Caribbean blue waters... and dream of visiting Greece one day. 

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That moment when mom is holding her newborn baby and she is feeling the most radiant and in love she's ever been. 

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