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Before We Meet | See Your Little One Prior to Giving Birth!


We all want to know what our little ones are going to look like. As well as having the reassurance that everything is okay. They say that moms become mothers when they find out they are pregnant. Meanwhile, dads become fathers when they see the baby. At Before We Meet, they have so many amazing services that you can take advantage of where you can see your little one before they even get here, so be sure to check them out today! 

About Before We Meet

We all want that special little sneak peek at our little ones to see their cute little noses and cheeks, but also to listen to their strong heartbeats to make sure that everything is going great. At Before We Meet, they offer 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging, where you will be able to see every single little detail of your new little bundle of joy. 

A family of five all sit together on a small tan couch in a studio looking down at the newborn baby sleeping in mother's arms


Before We Meet has a family-like atmosphere that is comfortable so you will feel at home while seeing your little one for the first, fifth, or tenth time throughout your pregnancy. This practice only offers the best of the best. So you can see all the tiny details of your baby on a giant 65-inch TV screen. You can see so much detail using the 4D imaging, or you can go classic with the 2D black and white ultrasound. In addition, they have the most knowledgeable staff that will guide you every step of the way throughout your ultrasound. You will be able to see your little one in real time, and the staff can point out the nose, ears, lips, and every cute detail of your little one. 

You will never be rushed, and you will have the opportunity to see every angle. So take your time and get all the glamor shots you and your family would like! Sometimes getting the perfect shot can be difficult if your little one is not cooperating, but the experts at Before We Meet will do their very best to get the perfect picture, so you can see every adorable detail of your new little one. Not only can you see every detail of your baby, but you can hear the baby’s heartbeat as early as eight weeks, as well as be able to identify the gender as early as fifteen weeks.

You can get pictures printed in black and white or sepia, as well as recordings of your baby’s first little heartbeats. You will never forget the first time you hear those heartbeats, so it is a memory you will cherish forever! 

A father holds his yawning newborn baby to his chest wearing a tan sweater in a studio before we meet


No matter what you want, Before We Meet has so many packages that you can choose from. So you can pick the services that best fit your and your family’s needs. They have many packages that include multiple visits so you can check in on your little one throughout your entire pregnancy. You can see the progression of your little one’s development every step of the way throughout your pregnancy journey. Call them today to schedule an appointment so you can watch your little ones and see them grow even before you meet them! 

A newborn baby sleeps in a blue knit onesie on its knees and hands on a tan couch before we meet

Before We Meet

Seeing your little one for the first time makes becoming a parent so much more real. It is amazing to see them grow and change throughout pregnancy. Before We Meet allows you to see and hear your little one as many times as you like. So be sure to check them out today! 

Capturing your baby’s picture in the womb is an incredible experience for any parent. But now it’s your turn! Documenting and helping with your motherhood journey is my specialty! So check out more King of Prussia area motherhood content and work from my portfolio in the blog links below! Then reach out today to chat about your next session!

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