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Enjoy a Gentle Workout With Prenatal Yoga in West Chester PA


Prenatal yoga has many health benefits during pregnancy. From improved sleep and better mood to better circulation and improved range of motion in preparation for labor, prenatal yoga’s benefits are numerous. At East Eagle Yoga, clients can enjoy quality prenatal yoga in West Chester, PA, that will boost their overall health and wellness throughout pregnancy. 

A mom snuggles her sleeping newborn baby while sitting across a couch prenatal yoga west chester pa

About East Eagle Yoga Prenatal Yoga in West Chester, PA

18 E. Eagle Road

Havertown, PA 19083

Founded by Nicole Chemi and Joe Finnerty in 2005, East Eagle Yoga has formed a strong community in Havertown for over a decade. This community of yogis enjoys a sense of belonging through regular practice and self-examination as they journey to become healthier, happier, and more flexible. Long-time student of East Eagle Yoga, Jennifer Green, is the current owner and strives to provide a safe, empowering place where all clients can enjoy great yoga classes.

This studio believes that practicing yoga, especially during pregnancy, can help people live more content and purposefully. Despite our busy lives, yoga is a way to find peace within ourselves. Practicing yoga during pregnancy has many health benefits that allow women to feel their best as they journey toward welcoming their new baby into the world. 

A new mom wearing a long blue dress looks down at her sleeping newborn baby in front of a window in her hands


West Chester, PA, prenatal yoga classes at East Eagle Yoga are beneficial for expectant moms who want to find a community of support during pregnancy. Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help increase endurance, confidence, and strength. These prenatal yoga classes focus on breathing, concentration, relaxation, stretching, and classic Hatha Yoga poses adapted for all trimesters of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes are in-person classes that include access to an online support group for pregnant and newly postpartum moms. 

Prenatal yoga classes are 75 minutes long and are perfect for clients who are new to yoga and experienced practitioners who are at any stage of pregnancy. These classes aim to help women experience a comfortable pregnancy where they feel prepared for birth and motherhood. Yoga helps develop intuition, using breathwork to bring steadiness and awareness. These classes are a great way to meet other moms and share resources. 

Other classes at East Eagle Yoga include Beginner, Vinyasa, and Candlelight Yoga. 

A new mom sits across a couch in a blue dress with her newborn baby sleeping on her shoulder prenatal yoga west chester pa


Clients who want more one-on-one attention can book private and semi-private sessions. If you’re pregnant and brand-new to yoga in West Chester, PA, a private prenatal yoga session makes an excellent option. These sessions help prepare women to become more comfortable with basic yoga poses. Additionally, it give them a safe space to ask questions. 

East Eagle Yoga also offers a number of events throughout the year. One event is Crystals, Turkish Towels, and Organic Self Care Products, where clients can shop for amazing gift items like throw blankets, towels, aromatherapy, crystals, bath soaks, yoga mats, room sprays, essential oils, and much more. This drop-in event is a great place to find quality gifts for special occasions. 

Prenatal Yoga West Chester PA

Prenatal yoga has many health benefits for pregnant mothers. Aside from serving as a great community resource, prenatal yoga can improve sleep quality, reduce stress, improve mobility, and prepare the body for labor and delivery. Practicing yoga during all trimesters of pregnancy is a safe and effective way of ensuring overall health during pregnancy. At East Eagle Yoga, women can enjoy excellent prenatal yoga in West Chester, PA, taught by experienced instructors who are ready to assist women at all stages of pregnancy. 

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