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King of Prussia Doulas for Professional Parenthood Guides


While the birth of your baby is something only you will truly experience, I like to think of it as a team sport. There’s a lot that happens from the appearance of those two pink lines all the way until your baby’s first birthday, and it can be pretty hard on your body. You need coaches and teammates along the way to make sure you’re completely set up for success. If you’re looking for the secret star player that will help you reach the finish line, it’s time to look at King of Prussia Doulas. These wonderful professionals have years of experience to empower you through every stage of early parenthood. 

A mother and father sit on a tan couch in a studio with their newborn baby and toddler daughter

About King of Prussia Doulas

King of Prussia Doulas was founded by Lacey Morgan in 2017. As a mom of 3, Lacey knew how little support our culture offered to new parents. She developed King of Prussia Doulas to solve this. The agency has birth and postpartum doulas committed to caring for you through every step. Voted a Main Line Parent Family Favorite in 2022, it’s become known for its unrivaled care. The center is committed to inclusive treatment for every family. Their compassionate and non-judgmental care is one of the many things that sets them above the rest! 

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From the beginning of pregnancy, you can find a King of Prussia Doula to help you out. The center will be there to lend support, whether they’re empathizing with your struggles or assisting you in building a birth plan. As your due date nears, they go on call so they can be ready the second labor begins. Throughout your birth, they’ll be by your side, coaching you through delivery. They will provide natural forms of pain relief as well as soothing mantras to help you through. They’ll also make sure your birth plan is honored. The doulas are so effective their presence correlates with a 28% decrease in c-section deliveries! 

Postpartum doulas are some of the best people around. Starting in the weeks after your delivery, they’ll be there to lend support in any way possible. Postpartum doulas assist with the big things, such as ensuring your recovery is going well and helping with any nursing struggles. They’ll also run errands or watch your newborn so you can take a well-deserved nap. 

A young girl lays on a large bean bag with her newborn baby sibbling king of prussia doulas


King of Prussia Doulas are there to make sure you’re equipped for every aspect of parenthood. They host classes on topics such as hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, newborn care, and infant massages. Through these courses, you’ll learn from professionals and get to ask questions so you feel fully prepared. Most of the courses have the option for you to attend in person or virtually. 

The center also provides placenta encapsulation. The process is safe and reliable. They ensure you know where your placenta is and who has handled it every step of the way. 

King of Prussia Doulas

Having a baby is not for the faint of heart. With King of Prussia Doulas, you’ll work with a professional who will be there to make the process much easier. 

Whether I’m talking about my favorite spots in the city or bonding over motherhood, I love getting to connect with my clients. My goal is to get to know you so I can provide you with family pictures that will make your unique personalities shine through every image. If you’ve been considering booking a family photo shoot, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more.

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