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Women and Babies Hospital Lancaster for Your Desired Birth Plan


One of the strangest things about pregnancy is feeling like you have to commit to one specific parenting style. You can be crunchy or live by the books, but there is no middle ground. Where’s the fun in that?! My personal belief is that you should be able to have the experience that’s right for you. That means you can mix evidence-based approaches with natural methods and still do a stellar job. Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster lets you do just that. This top-notch delivery center lets you make the best decisions for your family. 

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About Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster

Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster is a care facility started by Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. The center set out to be a space where women would know their voices were heard. When you enter, it feels more like you’re entering an elegant country club than a hospital. The exterior is gorgeous, while the rooms are cozy. 

Every staff member you’ll meet dedicates themselves to making your birth experience positive. The center’s commitment to its patients has led them to receive recognition as a High Performing Hospital by US News. With their expert care and comfortable atmosphere, you’ll quickly understand why!

A newborn baby sleeps on its mom's chest who is wearing a white lace dress women and babies hospital lancaster


At Women and Babies Hospital, the second you walk through the doors, you’ll experience their amazing care. The center has private rooms with plenty of space to let you labor in comfort. When you’ve checked in, your provider will be notified so they can be with you throughout. 

The hospital allows you to work with a midwife or an OB and will be sure to honor your birth plan however possible. The staff is trauma-informed and will treat you with the care you need. Furthermore, the center allows you to labor with the appropriate medication but also has whirlpools and showers if you’d prefer to rely on hypnobirthing techniques. 

Following your labor, you’ll move to a post-birth room where you’ll receive meals, in-room conveniences, and even a massage. The rooms provide a children’s play area and additional space where your loved ones can relax while you recover. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a white blanket with a small stuffed bunny women and babies hospital lancaster


Women and Babies Hospital Lancaster is a baby-friendly hospital. They’ll work to make sure you feel equipped to breastfeed. Your baby will remain in the room with you at all times. They’ll also prioritize skin-to-skin after labor to let you bond with your newborn.

Before birth, the center gives you the ability to take classes so you feel thoroughly prepared for labor. You can learn all about different birthing techniques and know what to expect throughout your delivery. 

Women and Babies Hospital Lancaster

Parenthood is all about having options. At Women and Babies Hospital Lancaster, you’ll be able to have the birth you’ve always wanted!

Once your baby’s born, it’s time to think about pictures! I’m a luxury newborn photographer dedicated to helping you remember this excellent stage in life. We should chat if you’ve been looking for the right person to capture your newborn! Contact me today to find out more.

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