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Downingtown Preschools Preparing Children for Further Education


Early childhood education is the foundation for your child’s future academic success. By learning positive social skills through age-appropriate activities, your child will prepare for elementary school. These Downingtown preschools provide families with opportunities to explore and create through various environments. 

6 Downingtown Preschools Preparing Your Children for Academic & Life Success

Downingtown Academy

Downingtown Academy Preschools teach children through play and hands-on experiences. The Preschool curriculum follows Pennsylvania (PA) Early Learning standards. Professional teachers provide a learning environment that allows for open-ended questions and thinking. Children are encouraged to self-discover and explore their surroundings. 

St. James Preschool

St. James Preschools in Downingtown and four other locations have served the community for over 50 years. They have traditional Preschool programs for children 2.5 to 5 years old. Children can attend the program full-time or part-time to meet your family’s needs. Their curriculum allows children to make discoveries daily and think independently. Teachers provide small and large group activities to allow for varied learning opportunities.

A mother and father sit on a blanket in a gravel garden path playing with their infant son in mom's lap

The Malvern School

The Malvern School in Downingtown creates a diverse Preschool learning environment to prepare children for future academic success. They have been a NAEYC accredited facility since 2012 and follow PA Early Learning standards. You can find a sample of the daily preschool activities online for children aged 3 to 4. Schedule your tour online now! 

Creative Kids Preschools of Downingtown

When looking for a Preschool in Downingtown, Creative Kids is a family-owned and operated center. The Preschool offers children a transition to prepare them for elementary school. They will learn to become independent while strengthening their education goals. The school conducts parent-teacher conferences yearly to open communication about your child’s education. 

A mother in a white dress sits on a picnic blanket in a flower garden playing and lifting her infant son in a blue striped onesie downington preschools

Brandywine School of Early Learning

This school has contributed over 30 years of early childhood education to the community. Brandywine School of Early Learning in Downingtown offers a morning and afternoon Preschool opportunity. The non-profit facility operates nine months a year, mirroring a traditional school year. Your child will be excited to learn each day through the schedule of free play, circle time, storytime, and structured breaks. 

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool

Chesterbrook Academy Preschool in Downingtown is NAEYC accredited and uses the Links to Learning curriculum to prepare your child for school. Parents can learn more about the seven components of the curriculum on their website. The Links 2 Home app allows parents and teachers to communicate daily. They offer parent conferences three times yearly to discuss your child’s educational goals. Want to learn more about the center and see the facility? Please stop by for a tour or contact them to arrange a meeting. 

A mother and father sit on a picnic blanket in a garden path playing with their infant son with a wooden toy downington preschools

Downingtown Preschools

These Downingtown preschools offer a variety of experiences to prepare your child for academic success. Through building a foundation of how to learn and explore, your child will feel prepared to take on the world of education!

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