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Prenatal Massage Lancaster PA – Studios Dedicated to Relaxation


Prenatal massage is relaxing and restorative and an excellent way to ease some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. These four studios for prenatal massage in Lancaster, PA provide pregnant moms with the ultimate relief as they receive spectacular massage treatments designed for safety and comfort during pregnancy. 

4 Studios for Prenatal Massage in Lancaster, PA Providing Relief from the Aches & Pains of Pregnancy

Karen G Restorative Massage

227 N. Duke Street

Lancaster, PA 17602

At Karen G Restorative Massage, clients can achieve homeostasis through self-care and compassion, and the power of massage therapy. Karen came into massage after years in the corporate world. She believes that massage can help people connect the body and spirit by disconnecting with daily life, increasing blood flow, decreasing pain, and increasing range of motion. 

Prenatal massage appointments can be 60 or 90 minutes and are the perfect way to relieve the strain of pregnancy. These massages are side lying for ultimate comfort. Prenatal massage eases tension and tightness and improves sleep and overall well-being for pregnant moms.

A mother stands in a window cradling her sleeping newborn on her chest prenatal massage lancaster pa

Focused Care Therapeutic Massage

274A Granite Run Drive

Lancaster, PA

Focused Care Therapeutic was founded by Jean Clark, a social worker and caregiver who started massage therapy in 2012 when she realized its importance in people’s lives. She has many certifications, including Medical Massage and Neuromuscular Cupping Therapy. 

She strives to relieve pain and restore balance. Prenatal massage appointments can be 60 or 90 minutes. They can help reduce anxiety, decrease depression and anxiety, relieve muscle aches, and improve labor and delivery outcomes. It can also help ease many common discomforts associated with body changes and hormone shifts during pregnancy.

Tranquil Therapy

210 W Grant 

Lancaster, PA 17603

At Tranquil Therapy Wellness, pregnant mothers can enjoy a prenatal massage that is comfortable and relaxing. This benefits both moms and babies, helping ease any pregnancy discomforts in a side-lying position. 

Appointments can be anywhere from one hour to 2.5 hours. Benefits include decreasing stress, relieving muscle tension, and increasing strength and range of motion so pregnant mothers can easily accomplish everyday tasks.

A new mother in a lace maternity gown sits on a couch while her newborn baby sleeps on her chest prenatal massage lancaster pa

Pregnancy Pain Relief

46 South 18th Street

Columbia, PA 17512

Pregnancy Pain Relief is unique in that it offers the Hypervolt in the Pregnancy Pain Relief Center to help clients relax and allow their bodies to recover from the added weight and sore muscles that come with most pregnancies. The Hypervolt can be used on some of the most sore and strained areas, allowing pregnant moms to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 

The zero-gravity massage chair is medically beneficial to pregnant women. At the same time, rollers provide a deep tissue massage for the lower back, gluteal muscles, and piriformis, which become tight and sore during pregnancy. The foot roller gently kneads tissue on the bottom of the feet for reduced swelling and pain.

Prenatal Massage Lancaster, PA

Prenatal massage is a wonderful way for pregnant mothers to find relief from common pregnancy aches and pains and prepare their bodies for labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. These four studios for prenatal massage in Lancaster, PA provide high-quality prenatal massage services designed specifically for this special time in a woman’s life. 

Once you’re feeling nice and relaxed, it’s time to start thinking about pictures. I’m a Lancaster photographer who specializes in maternity and newborn pictures. As a mama myself, I know how quickly this season goes by, and I want to help you celebrate it! Let’s chat if you’ve considered scheduling some pictures for this precious time! Contact me today to find out more!

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