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The Stress-Free Way to Find a Nanny in Lancaster, PA


Finding the perfect nanny can feel like a daunting task. That’s why parents should check out these agencies to find a nanny in Lancaster, PA. These agencies take the guesswork and stress out of the equation, allowing families to feel at ease as they’re matched with lists of highly qualified candidates to care for their children. Whether you need a date night sitter, a long-term nanny, or overnight care, these agencies have rosters of highly qualified childcare professionals who work hard to ensure busy parents can be at peace knowing their children are in good hands. 

Childcare Made Easy: Find a Nanny in Lancaster, PA

Keystone Nannies

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Firstly, Keystone Nannies in Lancaster is a boutique nanny agency serving south-central Pennsylvania with various services, specializing in matching families with the perfect nanny. Childcare and household needs are Keystone Nannies’ top priority. They understand that finding the right nanny is important for families and only hire the best, most loving, most nurturing nannies for the Keystone team. They help pair families with their ideal nanny, helping them build a trustworthy relationship built on respect.

Keystone offers full-service placements, where they take care of screening and vetting all potential nannies and finding the best match for both nanny and family. This fully customizable experience connects families to their ideal employee and takes the stress out of the nanny search. 

In addition to nannies, Keystone also has a list of e-learning specialists, private chefs, and governesses. These specialized caregivers work with families to provide exactly what their children and household needs.

A mother in a blue dress stands in a garden kissing her toddler son in a blue onesie with the help of a nanny lancaster pa

Sweet Dreams in the Willow

319 Pleasant View Ave

Willow Street, Pennsylvania 17584

Secondly, Sweet Dreams in the Willow is a unique childcare facility that provides safe, reliable overnight care for children. The owner is a mother and has devoted the past three decades to childcare and early childhood education. For parents working long hours, this quality overnight care is essential. Just miles from Lancaster, this convenient location is safe, loving, and nurturing for all children. Parents can have peace of mind when they send their children to Sweet Dreams in the Willow. 

The owner Sharon’s background includes studies in early childhood education, elementary education, a master’s degree, professional certification, administrative certification, pediatric first aid and CPR training, and up-to-date background checks. 

Care includes age-appropriate, comfortable sleep spaces, customizable schedules, flexible hours, breakfast options, medicine administration, and consistent, loving care. They can also include homework help, snacks, dinner, playtime, bath time, and story time.

A mother in a blue dress lays on a picnic blanket in the grass with her toddler son in a blue striped onesie

The Nanny Loft

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Thirdly, The Nanny Loft is the nation’s leading non-profit nanny agency. Founded by a former childcare professional, Dilia Coppedge, The Nanny Loft understands the needs of families and nannies, acknowledging the challenges of searching for quality childcare. The Nanny Loft offers in-home consultations to get to know families in their natural environment and understand their unique needs and dynamics. 

This agency provides a short list of ideal candidates for families to choose from. Nannies have defined duties and work to ensure they meet all the needs of the family they work for. Once families begin using a nanny, ongoing support is provided by the central agency, answering questions and offering a network of support for families and their nanny. 

The Nanny Loft works closely with families to match them to the perfect caregivers for their children. Clients need high-quality child care from someone whose skills and passion for caring for children are evident in their high standard of care. Services include long-term nannies, babysitters, infant care, and Safe Sitters. Safe Sitter provides education for kids in grades 6-9 to prepare for taking care of young children. They’ll learn safety skills, first aid, business skills, and much more. 

A mom and dad kiss while standing in a garden path and holding their toddler son all in blue and white because of a nanny lancaster pa

Nanny Lancaster, PA

These agencies connect families with the perfect nanny in Lancaster, PA, taking the stress out of the process of finding childcare. Whether you need a short-term babysitter, a long-term nanny, overnight care, or an online learning specialist, these agencies can connect families with the ideal caregiver that suits their unique needs and goals. 

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