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I want to capture moments you treasure most, both big and small, so you’ll be left with memories that fill the walls of your home and heart for years to come and a tangible legacy to be displayed for generations to come.

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Individualized Birth Support With Liberty Doulas in Pennsylvania!


Doulas provide supportive, compassionate care to families from pregnancy to labor and delivery and beyond. From prenatal appointments to postpartum support, doulas at Liberty Doulas in Pennsylvania provide individualized, respectful care to families in the area as they adjust to life as new parents. 

About Liberty Doulas

Southeastern Pennsylvania 

Liberty Doulas is a full-service doula agency that focuses on giving families confidence and independence as they navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Their mission is to help families in Pennsylvania with the most comprehensive doula services available. This group aligns itself with the idea that independence and confidence come from knowledge and autonomy. The diverse client base benefits from the team’s in-depth training and ability to meet each family’s unique needs and goals. Doulas respect all families’ ideas, values, and customs about the birthing experience.

Liberty Doulas was founded by Sierra Mahoney, who holds certifications as a Labor Support Doula, Postpartum and Infant Care Doula, CPR, and First Aid. She encourages her clients to understand that no two experiences are exactly alike and that each birth experience is powerful and unique in its own way. There is no “right” way to give birth, but doulas come alongside families and support them in whatever goals they have for welcoming their new baby into the world. 

A newborn baby laying in a woven basket filled with white blankets wrapped in a white swaddle with eyes open liberty doulas


Feeling anxious about your little one’s arrival? Feeling overwhelmed by all of the information out there? Or are you stressed about random strangers’ advice during pregnancy? Liberty Doulas provide expert care so that families don’t have to feel overwhelmed by conflicting information.

Liberty Doulas provides labor doula services designed to put families at ease. Helping them feel liberated and empowered during the childbirth experience. Traditional doula care includes emotional, educational, and physical support during pregnancy, childbirth, and the beginning of the postpartum period. Liberty Doulas can provide support in clients’ homes and in the hospital, including:

  • Emotional support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Providing massage and comfort measures during labor
  • Offering breathing guidance that promotes relaxation
  • Advising on positional changes during labor;
  • Helping provide breastfeeding knowledge and newborn care advice

A mother rests her hands on her newborn baby daughter as she sleeps on a white bed in a swaddle


Postpartum doula care continues the high level of support for families as they adjust to having a new baby at home. So Liberty Doulas help families through challenging transitional times, supporting them as they recover from childbirth. Postpartum doula care includes monitoring postpartum recovery, screening for early signs of postpartum mood disorders, helping with parenting plans, assisting in infant feeding, providing infant comfort measures and soothing techniques, helping with newborn sleep cues, creating routines, and strategizing systems. Doulas can even help with household tasks like chores, meal planning, household upkeep, and sibling care!

Postpartum doulas enable families to get the rest they need while figuring out their new normal. Hours include days, nights, weekends, and short-term live-in care. Doulas help answer questions, affirm families’ desires, and help them create a plan for managing their home with a new baby.

Liberty Doulas also features a blog! Families can find information on topics like “The Golden Hour” (the first hour after birth) and hiring a doula for the birth of your baby. 

A newborn baby sleeps on her hands in a white swaddle on a white pad in a studio liberty doulas

Liberty Doulas

Families in Pennsylvania can benefit from the services of Liberty Doulas, who provide care during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. From educating families on what to expect during pregnancy to assisting new moms as they learn to breastfeed, doulas at Liberty Doulas are ready to support families in all stages of the journey. 

Finding a doula you trust is a huge step in the motherhood journey! Now it’s time to find a photographer to capture all your special moments along the way. I have been a Philadelphia photographer for many years and love helping families. So check out more of my work in the blog links below. Then let’s chat about your next photo session!

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